This is a blog of an outdoor exhibition during the lock-down initiated on April 3, 2020. It has been inspired by a remark from a colleague art historian Beti Žerovc who posed questions about the status of artworks in the times of COVID-19 isolation. Museums, galleries and churches, where the artworks are accessible to public usually are closed, so only those who own a private collection are privileged to be in direct contact with art. She pointed to many more issues in her post on Facebook concerning art production, relations between art and art institutions, on-line communication etc.

This blog focuses on my activity in the park in the neighbourhood in Vienna where I live. The outdoor exhibition consists of artworks accessible to me and it follows the idea of my long-term project Art in a Suitcase started in 2010 that deals with the accessibility of art. The artworks are not selected to present any story, idea, topic or concept. They are there only to be seen singularly, one every day for an hour and just because they can be seen while so many cannot be.